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Sklep Silvexcraft

We are constantly changing for you

Dear Customers! Due to the dynamic development of our company, we decided to refresh the Silvexcraft brand profile.

Concern about professionalism has become a step towards further changes. We invite you to read the details.

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Sklep Silvexcraft

Lepidlo, UHU allplast 30g

Opis produktu

Informace :

Číslo EAN13: 4026700375954
Balení: 1 pcs
Kusy v balení: 1 pcs

~ Larger quantities are sold accordingly to weighted average, and small differences in the number of pieces can occur +/- 5%


Available in large quantities

Vaše cena :

6,50 € bez daně

Úrovně slevy:

Sleva objednávky bude vypočítaná v košíku

Hodnota objednávky (bez daně) Sleva
120,00 € 2%
235,00 € 4%
350,00 € 6%
470,00 € 8%
700,00 € 10%
Chcete-li získat dodatečnou slevu, přidejte 120,00 € (bez daně)
5 kusy 4 kusy 3 kusy 1 kus
Cena za balení 4,77 € 5,01 € 5,85 € 6,50 €

Více informací

Universal glue for synthetic materials. UHU ALLPLAST can be used for gluing versatile synthetic elements and plastic. A special technology of making the glue ensures its effectiveness in case of all popular synthetic materials, apart from those, which are not meant to be glued (polythylene or polypropylene). UHU ALLPLAST can also be used for foamed polystyrene. The glue is resistant to temperature changes, water, oils and even liquid acids and alkali after 24 hours of application. ATTENTION: the glue should be applied in aired rooms, in a distance from any source of fire.