Dear Customers,

We kindly inform that there are four key inspirational themes and corresponding innovation highlights for Fall/Winter 2015/16:
The Art of Expression
(Classic), The Stillness Within (Progressive), The Seduction of Touch (Romantic), and The Darkness of Desire (Glamour).

Discover the new collection of crystal shapes, colors, and effects for Fall/Winter 2015/16:

 6106 mm  16, 22:   Crystal Paradise Shine F
                    16, 22:  Smoky Mauve F

 6228 mm  10, 14:   Crystal Paradise Shine F 
                    10, 14:   Smoky Mauve F

 6228 mm 18, 28:  Crystal Paradise Shine F 

 6090 mm 16, 22:  Crystal Paradise Shine F

 1122 ss  12:           Crystal Paradise Shine F
                 12:           Smoky Mauve F  



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