The warranty of quality for jewelry supplies

As a direct manufacturer and wholesaler of jewelry making supplies with over 25 years of experience, we know how important for you is the high quality of the components from which you create jewelry. That is why we offer you gold and silver components for jewelry, made of the highest quality materials, so that your jewelry pieces will please your customers for a long time.

That is why we guarantee

the highest quality of materials from which jewelry making supplies are made:

925 silver means that there is 925 g of pure silver per 1000 g of alloy.

Similarly, 999 silver means that there are 999 g of pure silver per 1000 g of alloy.

The most popular gold is 585 one, meaning 58.5% pure gold alloy.

At your request, we can offer a certificate to the ordered jewelry components, confirming that they are made from the mentioned metals

The warranty of an efficient and a professional service

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of silver and gold jewelry supplies, we have been serving clients from all over the world for over 25 years. Therefore, we know how important it is in the business partnership to have not only an efficient order processing, but also the openness and friendliness of the customer service.

34 years of experience

10 languages

9,000+ products

36,000+ customers

139 countries

For this reason we ensure:

  • A professional customer service - you will receive an answer to your inquiry within a few hours. In response, we will provide all necessary information so that you receive a comprehensive message without wasting time and asking again.
  • Safe and attractive shipping options, thanks to which you will receive your jewelry components as soon as possible and you will quickly fulfill your client's orders, gaining valuable reliability in their eyes.

The high quality of our jewelry findings and the professionalism of jewelry services guarantee the durability of your jewelry. As a result, your Customers will trust your brand and will come back to you to buy more beautiful decorations.

The warranty of a qualified staff support

As a direct manufacturer of jewelry components operating in the jewelry industry since 1991, we have gained a valuable experience in the production of jewelry making supplies made of silver and gold and also in providing various jewelry services. Over the years of experience we have encountered all sorts of various problems, finding the best and most proper solutions. All of these experiences have enriched us with a valuable knowledge. Thanks to this, your orders are processed efficiently and without any difficulties. The implementation is carried out quickly and without errors, thus you save time and money and at the same time, avoiding unnecessary actions and mistakes.

We work with large and small companies, so we will adapt to your budget and expectations, providing the best jewelry components for you - whether it is a cast or laser cut design from a silver sheet, in a galvanic coating (gold plating, rhodium plating) you prefer to have it.

For this reason we ensure:

The support of a qualified staff at every stage of your order processing.

Do you have your own idea for a new jewelry design in the form of a cast? You do not have to be a professional in jewelry design in order to make the jewelry piece like this. All you need is to have a photo, drawing or a sketch that describes your jewelry idea. On that basis, our team of designers will take further steps and make a professional project for you.

Additionally, we will be happy to provide you with our assistance step by step through all stages of the processing of your customized order. You will see the preview of your design idea to accept it or provide us with information about further modifications. We will support you with valuable suggestions based on our many years of experience, propose our solutions and help eliminating any errors.

We meet our customers expectations, that is why we are open to prepare a sample after you have accepted your jewelry design, so that you can see, touch and try the product before we start large-scale production.

Do you want to know how the jewelry making process goes, starting from designing to casting? Check out here.

We are flexible, always considering your needs. Do you need a double plating layer of gold for your jewelry? We provide you such a great opportunity - thanks to this, your products gain durability and will beenjoy your Customers for a long time your cusotmers for a long time. What is electroplating? Check it out here.